Robert Crabtree

Robert Crabtree

I founded Antler Outfitters back in 2010. It was and continues to be a dream. A dream about doing what I love, spending time with friends, and showing what hard work and real ethical hunting is all about.

We don't hunt high fences and we do not own big game ranches or managed land. For the most part, we are hunting a local farm or public property. Not that I would mind having 20,000 acres of leased and properly managed land, but that's not in my check book.

We are every day blue collar working guys. Chances are, if you are in Ohio, you might have seen one of our trucks and possibly have hunted the same land as we do.

I work hard scouting, planning, hanging stands, planting food plots. If you are a die hard hunter and hunt the same ground as 9 other guys, then you know how hard you have to work. You don't have the pick of 10 mature 150" plus deer. You are going to get one shot at a good deer that might only be 130-140 inches. That's the reality of public land or the nice old lady down the road. We work hard, harder than most of the quote on quote tv guys.

Don't get me wrong, I really love some of those guys. The Drury's are my absolute favorite. They have done amazing things for our sport we love. My point however is this.

I owe everything I have done to my step father Todd Stewart. He is the reason I began hunting and why I have this fire inside me that will never be extinguished.

Weather it's hooking perch and walleye on Lake Erie, chasing big Turkey's, launching a few rounds at upland game or my favorite, Stalking Whitetails… I am always looking for the next heart pumping adventure, or a quiet sit in a tree, just admiring god's creation.

We are not celebrity hunters, and I really don't care for the term professional hunters. We are neither. What we are, is a group of guys and gals with a passion for the outdoors. We enjoy filming and sharing our adventures with you.